Outdoor Kids LLC

Our mission is to provide our youth an avenue to pursue higher education through the sport of crappie fishing and to preserve our outdoor heritage for generations to come.  Education provides our youth with the greatest opportunity for success across all context of life.  Preserving and protecting our outdoor heritage, land and waters is vital for our future generations.


Paul Alpers

Paul Alpers is owner/CEO of Outdoor Kids LLC (Teens High School Fishing Tour For Scholarships)

Having a passion for crappie fishing since he was taught to fish by his father, Paul has been very active in the crappie fishing industry.  Over the years he has played a significant role in each of the national crappie fishing tournament trails currently running.

Paul has 34 years experience in tournament fishing. He has placed and/or won many tournaments during those years, earning National Championship titles in 1984 and 2017.    He has 21 years experience in working or owning crappie tournament trails, 17 years experience in running or helping run kid’s fishing rodeos and 6 years hosting a crappie TV show.  In 2016 he was inducted into the Legends of Outdoors Hall of Fame for his dedication and accomplishments in the crappie fishing industry.

His dream of passing on his passion and love for the sport fishing has led to the creation of Outdoor Kids and Teens High School Fishing Tour for Scholarships.  After 2 years of research, he has began to bring this dream to reality so our youth can participate in the sport of crappie & bass fishing and attain higher education.

Paul will be the tournament director and TV host for “Teens High School Fishing Tour For Scholarships” as this dream comes true.  He invites you to join us to help youth compete for higher education funds.

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Outdoor Kids LLC will hold a free kids (12 and under) fishing rodeo at each event promoting the importance of education, conservation and maintaining our outdoor heritage.  

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