Our mission is to provide our youth an avenue to pursue higher education through the sport of fishing and to preserve our outdoor heritage for generations to come.  Education provides our youth with the greatest opportunity for success across all context of life.  Preserving and protecting our outdoor heritage, land and waters is vital for our future generations.

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Truman Lake Tournament airs on Pursuit Channel January 18 at 10 pm CST, and January 19th at 11 pm CST.  Other shows will be posted as known.


Outdoor Kids LLC is always looking for those that are dedicated to supporting higher education, fishing and our outdoor heritage.  Your support and donation would be greatly appreciated.


Entering the tournament is simple.

1.  Go to tournament page and call or mail in your form. First come first served. Limited to first 100 teams.

2.  Read sign liability release.

3.  Provide proof of eligibility.

4.  Read the rules, abide by the rules.

5.  Come and fish!

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